50g glue with UV light curing

Bonds All UV is great for metal, glass , plastic, because its the stongest and fastes for theise 3 materials.  if you want stick glass to Aluminium , then 

this is the best product for you . its shock resitant more then you think.

sunglass repair, cable wires , acrilick clear plastics, etc.


-      1-K acrylate

-     Viscosity : 100 mPas

-     Curing with UV-light wavelength 300-400nm

-     Bubble-free bonding different materials G3


color : clear 

Temperature Resistance -60 c to +125 c

tensile strenght 42 N /mm 2

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 5.39.22 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 8.47.16 am.png

$ 49